Timely Facebook App | Troubleshooting and FAQ

If you're having issues with the Timely booking app on Facebook, check out these questions. 

If none of these help, get in touch with us using the ' Contact us' link at the bottom of the article or send us an email on help@gettimely.com.


I'm seeing the "There are no bookable services" or "Uh oh, the booking system is not active" message

If you want customers to be able to book online, then you will need to have at least one location, service and staff member available that can be booked online.
If you're seeing either of these messages, then it means that one of those isn't bookable online. 

Check out our  Why can't my customers book online? guide for a step-by-step checklist.


I'm seeing a "Whoops" error

If the tab has been added to your Facebook page, but this is showing a "Whoops" error, then this means that the link between you Timely account and the Facebook page has been broken.

This will happen when your Timely mini website address, or subdomain, has been changed.

You will need to:

  1. Remove the existing link from your page (see below).
  2. Add the Timely booking app back to your Facebook page. Our How to add Timely booking to your Facebook page guide steps you through that process.


Why can't I see the Timely booking app on my Facebook page?

If you've added the Facebook app to your page, but your customers can't see it, there are a couple of reasons:
  1. Facebook does not support any apps (including the Timely booking app) on it's mobile platform. If you want your customers to be able to book online via your Facebook page on mobile then we suggest adding this to your Call to Action button. For instructions on how to do this, check out the ' Using the Facebook Call to Action button with Timely' article.
  2. If Timely isn't showing up at the top of your page, then this usually means that your Facebook Page has more than four apps on it and the Timely app is being positioned on the next row. To change the order of your Facebook Page apps follow these Facebook instructions.


Can I add Timely to multiple Facebook pages?

Yes, you can! Once you've added Timely to the first Facebook page, you'll be prompted to add another.

Click the Or, add the book now button to another Facebook page link:

You won't be able to add multiple booking apps to a single Facebook page, so select one of your other pages under the Choose Facebook Page drop-down. 

Note: It's not currently possible to add more than one booking app to a single Facebook page.


How do I remove the Timely booking app from my Facebook page?

You sure can! To remove the Timely booking app completely you need to remove it from your Facebook account directly:
  1. Click Settings at the top of your page.
  2. Click Edit page option in the left column:
  3. In the Tabs section, scroll down to the Make a booking option in the list.
  4. Click the Settings button next to that option:
  5. Toggle this to OFF:
  6. Click Save to remove the app from your page.
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