How to change your business name

So you've changed the name of your business and need to update your Timely account to reflect your new name, here's how!

There's a few different places in which your business name will be used:


Update your Business name

  1. Head to Setup > Business details. 
  2. Change the name entered in the Business name field.
  3. Click Save to apply any changes.


Change the business name used for billing

  1. Head to Account > Billing
  2. Click the Update billing details button.
  3. Change the Business name and any other relevant details:
  4. Click Save to apply these changes.


Change the name of your location(s)

  1. Head to Setup > Locations. 
  2. Click Edit next to your existing location.
  3. Update the Location name  to the new business name:
  4. Click Save to apply.


Update your mini website address

  1. Pop over to Promote > Mini website.
  2. Click Edit next to Your current Timely website address.
  3. Enter your new address, make sure it's Available
  4. Hit Save to update!


  • Changing any of the above settings won't apply to any existing emails (reminders, notifications etc) that have already been sent. 
  • If you have existing booking buttons, widgets or links on your website, these will need to be updated to use the correct Timely website address (see above).
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