How to use the Executive summary report

The  Executive Summary report shows a summary of your appointments and sales grouped by staff member and location. You can choose to run the report for one of the preset time-frames, or choose your own.

So what is this showing me?

Each column shows different information that is important to your business performance:

Customers This shows your total customers serviced during that time period, and how many new customers you had.

  • Total: The total unique customers that had appointments in the period.
  • New: The total unique new customers that had appointments in the period (i.e. customers that have never had a previous appointment).
Bookings This section contains information on your bookings including the total number of bookings, total number of online bookings and how many services were booked. It also contains four key calculations:

  • Retained: This figure shows the percentage of customers who are returning customers, i.e, customers that you’ve seen before.
  • Rebooked: This figure shows you what percentage of your customers have booked a future appointment in the Calendar, i.e., have they rebooked their last appointment.
  • Average visit: For each booking in the date range, how many days until the next booking. Converted to a "per annum" figure.
  • Average value: Is the average value of appointments within the date range (Total appointment value / Number of bookings)
Sales This section shows your sales made during that time period, including services and products sold, invoiced services and products, discounts given and the total invoiced amount. See the Sales Report for more in-depth information. 

Important information

  • The Retention and Rebooking percentages are based on individual bookings and not unique customers. This means that if a new customer has 4 visits in a specific date range, we will record all 4 of those bookings as being 'not retained’. If an existing or returning customer has 4 appointments in a specific period, then we will record all four of those as being ‘retained’.
  • Sales and invoice figures are based on the Invoice date (the date that the invoice was raised), not the date the appointment/class took place. This is something to bear in mind if you take online payments for bookings. You can amend the Invoice date of an invoice at any time, as required.
  • Most figures in this report will be live, however, the following figures are updated less frequently (every 24 hours):
    • New customers.
    • Rebooking.
    • Retention.
    • Average visits.

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