How to setup and create gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are a great option for your customers - they can purchase a voucher for a pre-determined dollar amount and gift it to a friend or family member. It is worth noting that the customer can't specify the amount - this is done by you when you set up vouchers for specific set values.

You can easily create gift vouchers to sell to your customers through Timely. 


Create some gift vouchers

  1. Get started by heading to Setup > Gift vouchers.
  2. Click the green Add gift voucher button.
  3. Fill out the Amount, Name and Description of the gift voucher. These will be shown when the customer purchases these online.

  4. Select whether the gift voucher should be able to be purchased online. If selling online, select the Location that will be assigned to the voucher (it can still be redeemed at any location).

  5. Set your Gift Voucher terms around online redemption, voiding (deleting) and expiry.

  6. Choose whether you want to use your Default* or Custom terms for your Additional terms, or choose None to have no additional terms.
  7. Click Save to create the voucher.


Customise your gift vouchers

You can customise how your gift voucher looks by including your company logo and website details, as well as setting default terms for your vouchers.

Note: You will need to have added both a Logo and a Website address under Setup > Business details for this setting to show up.

On the Setup > Gift vouchers page, click the Voucher print settings button:

This will bring up settings to add your business name, logo and website URL to the voucher template:

Enter any  Default gift voucher terms (these can also be customised for each Gift Voucher).

Click Preview PDF to see what your gift vouchers will look like:

The colour scheme for your gift vouchers is taken from the colour scheme set up for your online bookings. 

To customise your colour scheme, head to  Setup > Online bookings and scroll down to the Appearance section.

Tip: You can also update your business name, logo and website address under Setup > Business details.

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