How to sell gift vouchers (In store)

There are a number of ways to issue gift vouchers on Timely, each depending on how the customer would like to purchase it. You can also choose to sell gift vouchers online. 

  1. From the calendar.
  2. From the calendar sidebar.
  3. From a customer's record.
  4. From the gift vouchers page.

This feature may not be available on your current plan. Find out how to upgrade in our How to change your Timely plan guide.


Sell a voucher from the calendar

Gift vouchers are not active until the sale has been completed and a payment applied!

You can make a quick gift voucher sale right from the calendar by clicking the tag icon. 

  1. Select Gift voucher from the options: 

  2. Enter the value of the gift voucher you're selling. Alternatively you can choose another preset template to sell from the Amount dropdown. 
  3. If you know the recipient's details, add their name in the To field and the Recipient's email (you can select an existing customer if appropriate):
  4. Search for, or add the customer to the From field (you can select an existing customer or create a new one):

  5. Add a Message if there's something the sender would like to say on the voucher: 
  6. Click Save and pay when you're ready to proceed. 
  7. Update the Staff member who is making the sale (if required) and add any additional items to the sale: 
  8. Click Save to create the sale. You'll then be prompted to apply a payment. Select the appropriate payment and click Save again. The gift voucher will be activated and ready to use - you can find the gift voucher code on the screen, or on the sale: 
  9. You can then choose to Email the voucher to the recipient or sender, or Print the voucher for the customer to take with them.


Sell to a customer from the sidebar

If you are viewing the customer's record from the calendar sidebar, then you can issue a voucher directly to the customer there too.
  1. Open the customer's record in the sidebar (this can be done by clicking on their name in the appointment pop up).
  2. Click the green sell tag underneath their name: 

  3. Select Gift voucher from the options: 

  4. Follow the on screen prompts (see above) to complete the process.


Sell to a customer from their record

You can issue a voucher to a customer from their record. 
  1. Head to the Customers tab in Timely and open the customers record.
  2. Click on the Gift vouchers tab in the customer's record:
  3. Click the + Sell gift voucher button to issue a new voucher to that customer: 


Sell to a customer from the gift vouchers page

You can also sell a gift voucher by issuing it to a customer (great when you're creating gift vouchers on the fly). 
  1. Head to Setup > Gift vouchers from the main menu: 

  2. Click the Sell to customer button: 

  3. Follow steps 3 - 6 in the section above to raise the sale and activate the gift voucher. 

Looking to sell multiple vouchers on one sale? This can be done on the Timely iOS app. On iPad or iPhone app, head to Sales > New sale > Click the + icon > Click More > Select Voucher. Repeat this to add multiple vouchers to an invoice.

Got your own printed Vouchers? No worries! Click here to find out how you can use your pre-printed gift cards with Timely. 

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