How to track and report on gift vouchers

We’ve added some handy new reports so you can track your gift voucher sales and redemptions in Timely. The existing reports have also been updated to include important gift voucher information.

There are a number of different ways to track and report on gift vouchers:

  1. Gift voucher activity report
  2. Customer gift voucher details
  3. Search for gift vouchers
  4. Sales report
  5. From the Customer's record

This feature may not be available on your current plan. Find out how to upgrade in our How to change your Timely plan guide.


Gift voucher activity

This report breaks down your gift voucher activity by Staff member, Location, or Gift voucher name

You can see the number of Voided and Not Paid gift vouchers, as well as the dollar values of Purchased and Redeemed vouchers.


Customer gift voucher details

This report shows a breakdown of vouchers by Customer. It can be filtered by Date too.
The report also shows important information like whether the gift voucher is paid for, the voucher Code and the Expiry date if relevant. This is a good way of working out your current gift voucher liability.

If a customer comes in with a gift voucher you can search on the code to find the details of the voucher by going to  Setup > Gift vouchers and clicking Search purchased gift vouchers.



Sales report

Gift vouchers are not included in sales figures as they are a liability until they have been redeemed and transferred into revenue for a service, product, etc.

You can still get an idea of your total gift vouchers issued and redeemed for the period of the sales report though. Click the link to pop to the Gift voucher activity report for more detail. 

Pro accounting tip: A liability is an obligation and it is reported on a company's balance sheet. For gift vouchers, this means you are obligated to allow that customer to redeem their voucher for a set amount, and it will not be counted as revenue until it is redeemed. 


View a customer's purchased Gift Vouchers

You can view any Gift Vouchers that a customer has purchased from their customer record. Just head to the Customers page and view the Give Vouchers tab:

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