How to edit and void gift vouchers

Gift vouchers can be a huge boost to your business, but it's important to make sure you know how to manage them! Here are some tips on managing gift vouchers in Timely.

  1. Voiding gift vouchers
  2. Viewing gift voucher history
  3. Adding or editing voucher expiry dates
  4. How to reactivate a gift voucher

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Voiding a gift voucher

Before you start

To void or delete a gift voucher, you will need to make sure that the Gift Voucher itself is set up so that it can be voided.

  1. To do so, head to Setup > Gift Vouchers.
  2. Click Edit next to the voucher type you'd like to update.
  3. Scroll down to the Gift voucher terms section.
  4. Check the box next to Allow gift vouchers to be voided
  5. Click Save to update.

Once this has been done, you can void a customer's gift voucher at any time:

  1. Head to Sales > Search gift vouchers from the main menu: 

  2. Search for the voucher based on code or name: 

  3. Once you've found the voucher, click on the voucher code to open the gift voucher details: 

  4. Click the Void Voucher button: 

  5. Click the Delete button when prompted to confirm.

If the gift voucher is Unpaid then you will need to click Save and pay on the voucher before you can void the voucher. When the voucher is voided, both the voucher and the associated invoice will be removed.

If the gift voucher has already been redeemed, or the original sale of the invoice has been included in a past cash up, then the voucher and associated invoice can't be deleted.


Viewing gift voucher history

You can see the full history of a gift voucher (included redemption date, creation date etc):
  1. Head to Sales > Search gift vouchers.
  2. Search for the voucher using the voucher code of the client's name: 
  3. Click the voucher code to open the gift voucher: 
  4. Head to the Activity tab to view the full history: 
  5. To view the sales the voucher was issued or redeemed on, you can click the invoice number(s): 

Want to find out if a Gift Voucher has been emailed to the purchaser/recipient? Gift Voucher emails are included in the Messages tab.


Using gift voucher expiry dates

You can set your gift vouchers up with expiry dates when you create them. Once the voucher has expired, it will no longer be valid.

To change the expiry date of a specific gift voucher:

  1. Head to Sales > Search gift vouchers from the main menu.
  2. Search for the voucher you want to edit.
  3. Click the voucher code to open the gift voucher.
  4. Head to the Expiry tab: 
  5. Update the Expires date to another date: 
  6. Or select Never to remove the expiry date altogether: 
  7. Click Save to update and apply: 

Make sure to check with the laws in your country around expiry dates of gift vouchers. Some countries prohibit the use of expiry dates. 


Reactivating expired vouchers

If a customer's voucher has expired, but you still want to honour it, then you can reactivate the voucher.
  1. Head to  Sales > Search gift vouchers and search for the voucher you want to edit. 
  2. Click the voucher code to edit the gift voucher.
  3. Go to the Expiry tab.
  4. Click the Reactivate button next to the status to activate the voucher: Edit the voucher and on the details page, click the reactivate button next to the status
  5. Confirm that you would like to reactivate the voucher by clicking Ok. This will set the expiry to Never, but you can edit this to set a new expiry date: Click "OK" to confirm you would like to reactivate the voucher
  6. The voucher will then show up as Active and can be redeemed by the customer.

Important information

When a gift voucher is expired, we will raise an invoice to debit the value of the voucher from the liability account. This makes sure that the expired voucher is no longer recorded as a liability.

This will be shown as a negative invoice in the  Sales tab, but won't affect the figures in your reports:

When a voucher is subsequently reactivated, we will void the adjustment invoice (above). This means that the original value is returned to the gift voucher liability account and can be redeemed by the customer.

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