Getting started with Timely Gift Vouchers [Video]

Gift Vouchers are a great way to share your services and products with both new and existing customers.

With Timely, you can easily create vouchers to sell to your customers, both online and in store. 

When a voucher is issued to the customer, a unique 6 character code will be generated. Vouchers can then be redeemed by the customer using that code, when they are booking online, or when checking out at the end of their visit.

You have control over the gift voucher process, from creation to redemption. So you can decide if they can be purchased online, voided, or if they expire. You can also determine the gift voucher terms and conditions and customise what information is included on the printed voucher.

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OR watch the video below:

Common questions about gift vouchers

These are some of the most common questions we've received around gift vouchers. 

If your question isn't answered here, check out the other gift vouchers guides or contact us using the link at the bottom of the article.

Does my gift voucher need to have a specific value? Can't I just create a voucher for a specific service?

At the moment gift vouchers are created as 'templates' which have a specific monetary value. This allows vouchers to be redeemed against any invoice and accurately records the liability owed to the customer.

It's not possible to create a voucher for a specific service, staff member or location.

Can I hide the price of a gift voucher amount?

The price of a voucher, or the value available to be redeemed, can't be hidden from the voucher.
If you would like to use your own vouchers, then you can design these to not show the price, instead just add the unique code and expiry date set by Timely.

Do I need to have online bookings set up to sell gift vouchers online?

Online bookings do not need to be enabled in order to sell gift vouchers online, but you will need a payment gateway set up to process your payments.

Can I add or import my own voucher codes?

No, at the moment it is not possible to set your own gift voucher codes, or to import vouchers from other systems.

Can I delete an issued voucher?

Yes. To void or delete a gift voucher, you will need to make sure that the Gift Voucher itself is set up so that it can be voided.

Vouchers cannot be voided until they've been activated, so make sure to apply a payment to the invoice to activate the voucher, before you will be able to void it.

Check out our   How to handle expired gift vouchers for more information.

Can I set gift vouchers up to only be redeemable at certain locations or with certain staff?

Not at the moment, no. Gift vouchers can be redeemed against any invoice, which can include appointments, classes, packages etc. with any staff member, or at any location.

Why don't my gift vouchers include tax?

Gift Vouchers are handled as liabilities, as opposed to revenue. When they are redeemed, tax will be collected on the items included in that invoice instead.

Check out our  Understanding liability vs revenue guide for more information.

Can I use my own printed vouchers?

Yes! Just issue the voucher as normal in Timely, and write the Timely gift voucher code onto your printed voucher. This can then be redeemed using the code when the customer brings the voucher in. 

What can I do when a gift voucher has expired?

When a gift voucher is expired, we will raise an invoice to debit the value of the voucher from the liability account. This makes sure that the expired voucher is no longer recorded as a liability.

You can reactivate the Gift voucher, which will set the expiry date to Never. This will allow the customer to redeem the voucher again. Check out our How to handle expired gift vouchers guide for more information.

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