How to book with packages + Video

Being able to sell multiple services upfront is great for your business. Packages make it easy to bundle up a single service or a collection of services which can be sold at a fixed (and often cheaper) price.

Packages can be used to easily add new appointments or services to appointments. Note that classes can't be added using these approaches as they still need to be scheduled.

Watch the video below, or follow the instructions below:

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There are a couple ways in which you can book appointments for packages:

  • From the customer's record in the Customers tab.
  • From the Calendar sidebar.
  • Using the Packages icon.

Add packaged services from Customers

  1. Head to the Customers page and search for a customer.
  2. Select the Packages tab for that customer:
  3. Click the Book package button for the relevant package.
  4. Click a free slot on the calendar to add a new appointment.
  5. Click Save to finish adding the appointment.

Add packaged services from the calendar

  1. Add an appointment as per normal.
  2. Search for and select the customer  you would like to book.
  3. Once a customer is selected, an Available packages link will show up next to their details if they have packages available:

  4. When you click this, a pop up will appear listing all the services redeemable for this customer. 
  5. Check the box next to each service to add them to the appointment:

  6. Click the Add button to insert a single occurrence of each service automatically.
  7. Click Save to finishing adding the appointment.:

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