How to use barcode scanning in Timely

Using Timely, you can scan the barcodes on your retail stock and assign them to products that you have setup in Timely. 

Then when you are checking out a customer, you can scan the barcodes on any products they are buying to quickly add them to the sale.

  1. Add barcodes to products in Timely
  2. Configure your barcode scanner
  3. Use a barcode scanner to sell products


Add barcodes to products in Timely

  1. Go to Setup > Products from the main menu.
  2. Click Edit on the product where you would like the barcode number to be added.
  3. Click in the SKU/Handle field.
  4. Use your barcode scanner to scan the barcode on the physical item into this box. 
    Add the barcode to the SKU/Handle field
  5. Click Save to add the product.
  6. Repeat this process for all relevant products.


Configure your barcode scanner

To get your barcode scanner working with Timely when selling products, it needs to be configured so that it doesn't add on any suffixes or end characters to the barcode. If you have the user manual for your scanner, then there is usually a barcode that you can scan to configure your scanner so that it removes all suffixes.

If your barcode scanner hasn't been configured, then you may see this message when you try to scan a product:

The following barcode scanners have been shown to work with the web version of Timely when connected with the computer. Here's how to configure them:

Motorola Symbol LS2208 

  • Open the reference guide
  • Find the Restore defaults barcode on page 110 or Chapter 7-4 to reset all parameters to default settings. 
  • This page would need to be printed so the barcode can be scanned.

Opticon - various models

  • Download and print this page
  • Scan the barcodes from the top to the bottom

From the iOS Timely app, you can scan a product using the iPad camera or use the iOS compatible SocketMobile scanner

SocketMobile SocketScan S700

This model should work from the default settings and can be set up by following the instructions in the User guide.

If you are getting the error shown in the screenshot above, then you can configure the scanner by:

  • Turn off Bluetooth on your computer.
  • Scan the barcode labelled 'Data as is' from page 5 of the programming guide
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your computer and ensure that the scanner is paired.
Please note that the mPOP barcode scanner is not supported. 
To scan the barcodes generated from your clients' mobile phones when using Afterpay, an imaging scanner such as the SocketScan S700 would be required.

Use a barcode scanner to sell products

You can sell a product using a barcode scanner by doing the following: 

  1. When raising a sale, click Add a product.
  2. Select the Item/description field.
  3. Scan the barcode into the invoices item/description field.
  4. Click or press enter to select the suggested product.
  5. If you don't see a list of any matching products (as above) or you get a message that prompts you to select a product, then the search may not have been performed. If you delete the last character on the barcode and re-type it, this will prompt another search.

Looking for hardware? Check out our Hardware page for a list of compatible hardware.

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