Working with liabilities and MYOB

Here's how you can get MYOB and Timely working for selling and redeeming gift vouchers and customer credit. Check out this guide for more general information on  how liability works in Timely.

Note:  When customer credit, or a gift voucher is redeemed, this will reduce the amount of liability in your mapped liabilities account. Gift voucher or customer credit redemptions, are never treated as revenue. Instead, they simply add to, or reduce, your liability.

Make sure your MYOB account is  set up to allow gift vouchers, and then:

  1. Head to Setup >  Add ons  and Configure MYOB. 
  2. Click the Edit settings button.
  3. Select a Liability account for gift vouchers and a Liability account for customer credits:
  4. Click Save to update and apply.
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