Getting started with customer credit [Video]

Customer credit is a super handy feature to make your Timely life easier. Now you'll be able to allow customers to prepay for future services, run promotions and provide incentives using credit. 

Note: This feature is only available on the Schedule & Sell plan. To find out more about the plans and to upgrade your account, check out our pricing page:

A customer could choose to pay the exact amount for their appointments already booked in, or choose to add a fixed amount to their account for future use.

Returns and Refunds
Do you provide in-store credit for returned goods? Now you can simply add that credit to a customer's account for future use. 

Promotions and Incentives
Are you using loyalty cards or running promotions giving away credit? Now you have the option to credit the value of the next service or add credit for new, loyal, or big spending customers. 

To get up and running with credit you can see how to issue credit below, check out the rest of the guides to become a credit master.

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