Getting started with customer credit [Video]

Customer credit is a super handy feature to make your Timely life easier. Now you'll be able to allow customers to prepay for future services, run promotions and provide incentives using credit. 

  • Prepayment
    A customer could choose to pay the exact amount for their appointments already booked in, or choose to add a fixed amount to their account for future use.
  • Returns and Refunds
    Do you provide in-store credit for returned goods? Now you can simply add that credit to a customer's account for future use. 
  • Promotions and Incentives
    Are you using loyalty cards or running promotions giving away credit? Now you have the option to credit the value of the next service or add credit for new, loyal, or big spending customers. 

Check out the video  below, or find out more by reading the following guides:

  1. How to issue customer credit.
  2. How to redeem customer credit.
  3. How to track customer credit.

Common questions around customer credit

These are some of the most common questions around customer credit. If your question isn't answered here, check out the other customer credit guides or contact us at

Can I credit change to a customer's account?

If a customer over pays on a sale, you can apply the extra payment to the customer's account. This won't be done automatically, so you would also need to issue credit for that value to the appropriate customer. 

You can then record the payment as received, using the same payment method.

Check out our How to issue customer credit guide for more information.

Can credit be applied to multiple sales?

You can redeem/apply credit to multiple sales, if the balance allows. You would need to apply the credit to each sale individually.

Check out our How to redeem customer credit guide for more information.

Can customer credit be redeemed on online bookings?

You can redeem customer credit on any sale, including sales for online bookings. However, customers won't be able to redeem their credit balances for deposits or online payment for online bookings, at the time of booking. This is because there is no formal login process for the customer to identify themselves.

Can I give credit to a customer for free?

If you intend on applying credit to a customer's account, a payment will need to be applied to activate the credit. 

In situations where you are gifting credit, we recommend creating a new payment type specifically for issuing "Free credit" (or similar). This will still record a payment in Timely, but allows you to differentiate this from actual payments receive ( Find out more).

Check out our Create custom payment types guide for more information.

Can I delete customer credit?

If you have issued customer credit in error and the credit hasn't been redeemed, then you can delete a customer's credit.

There are some situations in which a credit can't be deleted:

  • If the customer credit has already been redeemed (partially or fully). In this instance, you'd need to remove the redemption, before deleting the credit. Check out the Activity tab on the credit to view the redemption sale.
  • If the sale of the credit was included in a cash up, then the sale will be locked. 
  • If the credit has been redeemed, then customer credit can't be deleted.

To delete a credit:

  1. Head to the customer's record and go to the Credit tab.
  2. Click on the date in the Issued column:

  3. Click the Delete credit button: 

  4. A pop up will warn you that the associated invoice will be deleted. Click Delete to confirm
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