Common questions about customer credit

These are some of the most common questions around customer credit. If your question isn't answered here, check out the other customer credit guides or contact us using the link at the bottom of the article.

How can I add free credit?

If you want to reward a customer or simply don't want them to pay for the credit you can apply it free of charge. 

Note: If you intend on giving away the credit for free a payment still needs to be made, for accounting purposes this transaction must balance. If the credit is being given away just think of it as the business paying for the credit.  

To do this and keep all your records in check we recommend creating a new payment type, this could be called 'Credit' or anything else familiar to you.  To learn how to create a new payment type check out this guide here.

When you get to the payment screen simply select your new payment type, check all the details and press Save.

Can customer credit be used for online booking?

At this stage, customers won't be able to use credit balances for deposits or payment for online bookings but you can always apply the credit in-store for the customer.

If someone makes a payment greater than the invoice value will this become credit?

Initially, invoices will still treat an excess payment as change. You can easily take the excess payment and apply a credit using this  guide.

Can credit be applied to multiple invoices?

Credit can only be applied to each invoice individually, just as other invoice payments are.

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