How to view appointment history

Knowing the history of an appointment is super handy, so you'll be pleased to know we have a detailed appointment history available for every appointment. 

To view the appointment history from the calendar just click on the Appointment, press Edit and go to the History tab to see a detailed history of the appointment. 

You can view appointment history from the Customers tab as well. Search for the customer you'd like to view, click View all appointments, then click on the appointment in question and select History.

Appointment history

What’s included?

    • Details of when the appointment was originally booked - Appointment created from calendar OR online booking process (including the IP address)
    • Date/time of any staff/customer SMS/email notifications or reminders - The time and details of the notifications and reminders and if they were successfully sent
    • Record of any change in appointment status (by staff or customer) - Booking status changed from pencilled-in to confirmed
    • Record of any appointment amendments – service, staff or date (by staff or customer) - Appointment date/service/staff person changed
    • Details of any invoices raised or payment applied to invoices - Invoice was raised/Payment was applied

These details can easily be used to determine things like how a staff member might have became double-booked, why a customer turned up at the wrong time or just to check in to see that reminders/notifications were sent without a hitch.

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