How to view appointment history

Knowing the history of an appointment is super handy, especially when it comes to keeping track of how many times an appointment has been rescheduled as well as identifying errors or clarifying information. 

In this guide, we'll cover:

  1. How to view an appointment's history.
  2. What's included in the appointment history.


View an appointment's history 

For every appointment, whether this is booked online or manually added to the calendar, we will keep a detailed appointment history of any related actions/changes.
This information is linked to the specific booking, so it can be accessed directly from the calendar, or from the client's record.

From the Calendar

  1. Click on the appointment in the calendar.
  2. Click on the Edit button to view the appointment details: 

  3. Go to the History tab: 

  4. Scroll to view the full history: 

  5. Click Save or the "X" in the top-right corner to close.

From the Client's profile

You can view appointment history from the  Customers tab as well. 

  1. Search for the client you'd like to view.
  2. Click View all appointments from their record.
  3. Click on the appointment you want to view the history for:
  4. Go to the History tab (as above).


What's included in the appointment history?

There is a lot of information included in the appointment history. 

These details can be used to determine things like how a staff member might have became double-booked, why a customer turned up at the wrong time, or just to check in to see that reminders/notifications were sent.

Booking details

  • Details of when the appointment was originally booked - This will let you know if the appointment was created from the calendar by a staff member, or if this was booked online by the customer. If the customer books online, we will include their IP address in those details. It will show the date, time and staff member associated (if appropriate).
  • Record any change in appointment status (by staff or customer) - If a bookings status has changed e.g. from pencilled-in to confirmed. This will show the date/time the appointment status was changed.
  • Record of any appointment amendments – If the appointment time, or the time/details of a specific service included, has been changed, then we will record when this was changed (date/time) and by who i.e. a specific staff member, or by the customer.

SMS or email notifications

  • Date/time of any staff/customer SMS/email notifications or reminders - We will detail the date/time and status (Sent/Invalid/Error) of any SMS or email reminders and notifications. This will include any Rebooking reminders and Follow up messages based on this booking.
  • Details of any SMS or email notifications that won't send - We will record if an SMS or email won't be sent for a booking. SMS/emails can fail to send based on a number of factors (Find out more).

Sales and payment information

  • Details of any invoices raised or payment applied to invoices - Any time a sale is raised against the appointment, when any payments are applied and if a sale for that booking has been deleted.
  • Details of when an appointment has been deleted - We will record who cancelled a booking, i.e. a staff member or by the customer, and when (date/time) the booking was cancelled.
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