How to use the Calendar sidebar

In March 2015, we introduced a handy new tool called the Calendar sidebar

You can use this to view a summarised version of a customer's record, or when a customer isn't selected, as an overview of your day ahead:


View a customer's record

The sidebar allows you to view your customer's information without leaving the calendar. 

To open the sidebar, just click the customer's name in the appointment window from the Calendar:

Otherwise, you can toggle the sidebar open using the [>] button in the top left corner and use the search field to Find customer:

Once the customer is selected, you will be able to:

  • Edit their customer record, including their contact details and notification preferences.
  • Merge the customer with another record.
  • Send an SMS or email to Contact the customer.
  • Delete the customer's record entirely.
  • Create a New appointment for that customer
  • Raise an invoice to sell a product or service and/or issue a package, gift voucher or customer.
  • Show the customer's Next appointment in the calendar (using the Show button).
  • View the details of the customer's Last appointment (option to Book Next too!).
  • Access the customer's Notes (also Add notes or Print notes).
  • View any previous invoices (from here you can also Apply payment or Request a payment).


View your upcoming schedule

When you don't have a customer selected in the sidebar, you can view a summary of your appointments for the day.

Just click the [>] button, or click the spacebar, to toggle the sidebar open:

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