How to use the Calendar sidebar

When you're making an appointment, or working in the Calendar, there is certain information you might need easy access to.

To allow you to get that information easily, we have a Calendar sidebar that appears on the left-hand side of the calendar. You can use this to view:

  1. A summary of a client's record.
  2. An overview of your day ahead.


View a customer's record

The sidebar allows you to view your customer's information without leaving the calendar. 

To open the sidebar, just click the customer's name in the appointment window from the Calendar:

Otherwise, you can toggle the sidebar open using the [>] button in the top left corner and use the search field to Find customer:

Once the customer is selected, you will be able to:

  • Edit their customer record, including their contact details and notification preferences.
  • Merge the customer with another record.
  • Send an SMS or email to Contact the customer.
  • Delete the customer's record entirely.
  • Create a New appointment for that customer
  • Raise an invoice to sell a product or service and/or issue a package, gift voucher or customer.
  • Show the customer's Next appointment in the calendar (using the Show button).
  • View the details of the customer's Last appointment (option to Book Next too!).
  • Access the customer's Notes (also Add notes or Print notes).
  • View any previous invoices (from here you can also Apply payment or Request a payment).


View your upcoming schedule

When you don't have a customer selected in the sidebar, you can view a summary of your appointments for the day.

Just click the [>] button, or click the spacebar, to toggle the sidebar open:

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