How to assign resources to services

Before your resources can be booked, you'll need to assign them to your services. You can assign multiple resources to a service, but only ONE will be booked per service on an appointment.

  1. To assign resources to your services, head to Setup > Services to get started.
  2. Click Edit next to the service that needs a resource.

  3. Scroll down to the Resources section. Select Requires one resource and choose all the resources that that service can use:

  4. You can reorder the resources into your preferred order of selection when that service is being booked online. This order will take effect when clients book that service online, so resources will be assigned to that service in the order you select (provided they're available). To reorder resources, click and drag them into the desired order. 
  5. Click Save to save the service. Now you are all ready to make appointments with resources attached!

Tip: To maximise the booking potential of your rooms and resources, select the resource that is the most generally used. In the example above, the IPL Treatment Room is the only resource required to book a higher value service. To ensure the lower value service isn't booked in there first, choose the more general resource first. 

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