How to invoice multiple customers on one invoice

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Sometimes a customer will want to pay for multiple appointments at once when they come to check out. 

Instead of raising individual invoices and applying separate payments for each, you can combine them all into the one invoice. That way, they can pay for all those appointments in one go.

  1. Click Raise invoice on the first customer's booking.
  2. The first appointment will automatically be added to the invoice.
  3. In the Invoice to field, click the "x" next to the customer's name:
    Remove customer from invoice
  4. Search for the second customer in the Invoice to field and add them to the invoice.
  5. Click the + Add other appointments button.
  6. Select the bookings you want to add from their list:

    Click  + Add to invoice to add them to the existing invoice.

  7. Repeat the process for any other additional customers/appointments.
  8. Click Save when you're ready to raise the invoice.

Note: The invoice will then be linked to each customer's appointment in the calendar. If you would like to view the invoice via the Customer's record, you can find it in the customer record of the last customer who was selected.

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