Getting started with resource booking [Video]

In this guide, we'll cover what a Resource is in Timely and some tips for how you can use these in your business.

A resource can be anything that you don't want to be double-booked; like a room or a specific piece of equipment. A resource is attached to a specific service, so both the staff member AND the resource must be available for the appointment to be booked.

To find out how to use resources, check out our guides: 

  1. Create a resource.
  2. Assign resources to services.
  3. Make bookings using resources.
  4. How to view a resource's calendar.

OR watch the video below:

Things to remember:

  • If a resource is already booked, then a service that requires that resource can't be booked online by the customer at that same time. 
  • You can still manually place double-bookings for a resource, but you will receive an alert that the resource is already booked.
  • You can only assign one resource to a service, so if you need two resources for one service you will need to combine them into one resource. We will continue to improve the Resources feature and will let you know if anything changes!
  • If you have more than one of the same resource, you can add multiple "Items" of the same resource and give them a unique name.
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