Getting started with staff notifications

Timely offers reminders and notifications that can be sent to your customers and staff. 

This guide will introduce you to the different kinds of reminders and notifications, and how to switch them on.


Staff notifications

If you want to inform your staff of appointments in the same way customers are notified, then you can enable staff notifications.

Like customer notifications, these are generated in the following instances:

  • A new/confirmed appointment is added to their calendar.
  • The date or time of an appointment is changed.
  • The appointment is cancelled and removed from the calendar.
  • The location or the staff member involved is changed.

Enable staff notifications:

  1. Head to Setup > Staff notifications in the main menu.
  2. Find the Appointment changes section.
  3. You will see option to send a notification When an appointment is confirmed, amended or cancelled:
  4. You have an option Send the staff person booked and Email and/or SMS notification.
  5. Check the box next to each notification option you'd like to send: 
  6. Click Save to apply.


Online booking notifications

If you’re taking online bookings from your website, you might want to be notified whenever someone makes a booking online. You can also decide to notify the staff member booked as well.

For both of these options, you have the choice to send an Email and/or SMS notification.

  1. Head to  Setup > Staff notifications in the main menu.
  2. Scroll down to the Online bookings section:
  3. Check the box next to Send an email notification to and enter the email you'd like to be notified. This email will also be set as the "Reply to" address for your customer notifications.
  4. Check the box next to Send an SMS notification to and enter your SMS number.
  5. Under the ..and/or notify the staff member booked section, check which options you'd like to send.
  6. When you're done, click Save to update your

For full details and instructions, make sure to check out our  How to get notified of online bookings guide.

Things to remember

  • The same rules for customer notifications apply to staff notifications.
  • Normal SMS charges apply for all staff SMS notifications.
  • Staff notifications can't be viewed in the Messages tab.
  • In order for staff to receive notifications you’ll need to ensure that an email address and/or SMS number has been entered.
  • You can update a staff member's details by going to Setup > Staff and clicking Edit next to the staff member's name.
  • It is only possible to enable/disable notifications for all confirmations, amendments and cancellations.
  • It isn't currently possible to toggle notifications on/off for individual staff. 
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