How to send birthday messages

A client’s birthday is a once-a-year marketing bonanza for hair and beauty businesses, yet blink and you miss it. Birthdays are a great opportunity for special offers, discounts, or a chance to wish your customers well. 

There are two ways you can send birthday messages in Timely:

  1. Bulk birthday messages (SMS only)
  2. Individual birthday messages

Bulk birthday messages

You can send bulk SMS birthday messages to your clients using our SMS campaigns feature. We recommend sending these on the first day of the month, or towards the end of the month for clients who have a birthday next month.

  1. To get started, head to Messages > SMS campaigns, and click New SMS campaign
  2. From the filter options, select Has a birthday in and choose the month you want to send a birthday message for. Click View number of recipients to see how many clients your message will send to, and when you're happy, click Write message.

  3. Compose your message, and when you're happy click Review campaign.

  4. Review your campaign and click Send campaign to send. Too easy!

Individual birthday messages

You can send individual birthday messages to your customers from Timely using our ad-hoc messages. This is easy from the Dashboard. When it is a customer's birthday, we will show you a notification in the Coming up section of the Dashboard:

You can then send the customer a message by clicking the Contact button and choosing the Send an SMS or Send an email option. 

Want to send an automated birthday message?

If you'd like to send the customer a birthday greeting or offer around their birthday, then you can use our integration with MailChimp to automate that message.

We send the customer's Date of birth to MailChimp, so an automation campaign can be created around that field.

Make sure to check out MailChimp's guide to Getting Started with Automation.

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