How to cancel or delete an appointment

Occasionally you might need to cancel or delete an appointment from your calendar. This can happen when there is an appointment error or when a customer can no longer attend the appointment.



This guide will step you through this process. We'll cover how to:

  1. Cancel an appointment.
  2. Delete an appointment.
  3. Rebook a cancelled appointment.


Cancel an appointment

When you cancel an appointment, it will be removed from the Calendar. However, the record will stay in the customer's history so you can refer back to it if needed. 

*This is our recommended approach for removing an appointment from the calendar.

Here is how you cancel an appointment:

  1. Open up the Calendar and click on the relevant appointment.
  2. You can then click the Cancel button on the following pop-up: 

  3. Once you click Cancel, you will see a box where you can select on of the Reasons for cancellation options from the list: 
  4. Once you've selected a reason, you can click Cancel appointment to complete the process: 
  5. The appointment will be immediately removed from the Calendar, however,  you can view cancelled appointments in the customer's profile: 

We've supplied a number of default cancellation reasons, but you can edit and add your own as required. You can click the Add cancellation reasons link to add your own options. Find out more.


Delete an appointment

Deleting an appointment will remove it from both the calendar and the customer's record. This is an optional setting, which is great if you don't want staff to be able to remove bookings completely.
You can turn this setting off and on as you need it, if you prefer!

Allow bookings to be deleted

  1. You will first need to make sure you allow bookings to be deleted.
  2. Head to Setup > Calendar settings

  3. In the Appointment settings section, check the box next to Allow appointments to be deleted:

  4. Click Save to apply.

Delete an appointment

  1. Open up the Calendar and click on the relevant appointment.
  2. You can then click the Cancel button on the following pop-up: 
  3. Once you click Cancel, you will see a box where you can select on of the Reasons for cancellation options from the list: 
  4. When this setting is enabled, you will also see a checkbox to permanently delete the booking: 

  5. If you are sure you want to delete the appointment, check this box and then click the Cancel appointment button: 
  6. The appointment will be removed from you calendar, and will not be visible in the customer's appointment list. 

No notifications will be sent to the client or staff member when you permanently delete bookings, so bear this is mind removing appointments from your calendar.


Rebook a cancelled appointment

If you have accidentally cancelled an appointment, or the client decides to rebook a cancelled appointment, you can rebook the cancelled appointment.

This will need to be done from the client's record directly.

  1. Head to the Customers tab and find the customer.
  2. Click on the Appointments tab and find the booking in the list: 

  3. Click on the appointment details to pop up the appointment window: 

  4. Click Book again in the bottom left corner: 
  5. You'll be taken to the calendar where you can select a new time for the booking.
  6. You can make any changes as desired and then click Save to add it to the calendar.
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