How to use the Business Performance reports

Timely has four business performance reports that give you an overview of how your business is performing. 

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Monthly summary
  3. Future value
  4. Customer spend


Executive summary

The Executive Summary report gives you an overview of how your business is performing as a whole. There's so much information in this report, that we've created a separate guide for it.

Learn more.


Monthly summary

This report shows a summary of your appointments and sales grouped by month. This is particularly useful if you're wanting to compare months over a longer period, such as the year to date (as in example below).

You can also choose to filter the report by location or staff member.


Future value

The Future Value report shows the value of your bookings for the specified time period.

Future Value report

The report is grouped by staff, service and location and shows:

  • Total customers for that time period
  • Total new customers for that time period
  • Total bookings for that time period
  • Total services booked during that time period
  • Total online bookings during that time period.

Note: The Future value report is updated less frequently than our other reports. The current update time is 3:00am GMT.


Customer spend

This report shows the total value of your customers' purchases. This report can be useful if you're wanting to reward customers for their loyalty.

The report shows all customers booked during the time period, and includes:

  • Number of bookings 
  • Number of services booked
  • Value of invoices services
  • Value of invoiced products
  • Discounts given
  • Total invoiced value (value of invoiced services minus any discounts)

Note: Sales and invoice figures are based on the Invoice date (the date that the invoice was raised), not the date the appointment/class took place. This is something to bear in mind if you take online payments for bookings. You can amend the Invoice date of an invoice at any time, as required.

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