How to activate your Timely account

Every person that signs up for a Timely account will get 14 days to take Timely for a test drive, before they commit to a monthly subscription. 

Once you've decided that Timely is the one for you, you can activate your Timely account.

Activating your account

  1. Either click the 'Activate' button on the banner at the top of your screen, or head to Account > Billing
  2. Once you get to the activation page, you'll see a range of plan options. Select the plan you want and click Go to payment.
  3. Review the plan you've selected and the monthly cost, and choose whether you'd like to pay for your Timely subscription monthly or annually. Then, enter your credit card details and click Activate your account. You will be billed immediately for the period you selected (pay monthly or pay yearly). 
  4. If you're based in Australia, you'll see some extra steps above. You'll need to let us know your GST registration status. You'll need to check the box AND enter your ABN in order to be GST exempt. Find out more in our Paying GST on your Timely invoices (Australia) and Do I pay GST or VAT on my Timely invoices guides:
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