How to activate your Timely account

Every person that signs up for a Timely account will get 14 days to take Timely for a test drive, before they commit to a monthly subscription. 

Once you've decided that Timely is the one for you, you can activate your account to make it official. 

There are a couple of ways you can activate your account:

  1. You can click the Activate now button in the banner OR head to Account > Billing.
  2. From here, you can enter your credit card details in the form provided:
    Activate your Timely account
  3. Click the big green Activate account button to seal the deal.
  4. There can be a short delay between entering your details and the account being activated, so check back in 15 minutes if you're account is still in trial mode.

Make sure to check out your account  Terms and Conditions for full details.

Note: You get 14 days (includes 100 bookings and 10 free SMS Credits too!) to trial Timely. If you reach any of those limits then you'll be prompted to activate your account.

Still need help? Get in touch with the Support Team Get in touch with the Support Team