How to pause or cancel your Timely account

We don't have fixed contracts or minimum terms at Timely, so you are able to cancel your account at any time, if required.

We also offer payment holidays - where your account is temporarily suspended - which is perfect if you're taking a break from your business but plan to return soon e.g. maternity leave, renovations, relocation etc.

In this guide we'll cover how to:

  1. Request a payment holiday.
  2. Request to cancel your account.


Request a payment holiday

Perhaps your business is only open for a set period, or circumstances (either in or out of your control) necessitate a break from business as usual - we get it! If you'd like to pop your account on ice until you're ready to get back in action, then you can reach out to us to arrange a Payment Holiday.

Once applied, a payment holiday suspends your account immediately. While you're on a payment holiday you can still log in and view the details of your account, but you won't be able to accept any new bookings. 

Note: Reminders and other emails will continue to send during a suspension, so remember to disable these before requesting a payment holiday.

To request a payment holiday:

  1. Head to Account > Billing
  2. Click the Cancel account link on the left-hand side: 
  3. Choose Request payment holiday from the options: 
  4. Enter your desired Payment holiday start date, the Payment holiday end date (when you'd like to use Timely again), then add a Reason for payment holiday
  5. Click Request payment holiday to submit. 
  6. The Timely team will then be in touch to arrange your payment holiday.

If you have any questions, you can drop us a line on for more information.


Request to cancel your account

We'd be very sorry to see you go, but appreciate that sometimes even the good things do come to an end. If you are just needing a break, check out the section above about Payment Holidays!

We recommend exporting any information you will need from the Reports tab, prior to cancelling. The following reports are a good start:

  •  The Appointment schedule for bookings
  • The Customer list and Customer notes for customers.
  • The Invoice details report for sales information

If you have any queries or concerns, reach out to us at to see if there is anything we can do to help.

As a security measure, you must cancel the account/request account cancellation directly through the Timely app. This ensures that the person requesting that cancellation is an account holder with the authority to do so. You can find out more about our cancellation policy in your account  terms and conditions.

  1. Login as the account holder.
  2. Head to Account > Billing in the main menu: 
  3. Click the Cancel account (on the left) link:

  4. Choose the Continue to cancellation option:

  5. You'll see a screen which gives you the option to Request account cancellation. Choose how you would like to be contacted; either Phone or Email. If you have any specific feedback or concerns, you can add this to the Message for support field:

  6. When you're ready, click the Request account cancellation button, this will let our Customer Success team you're keen to cancel your account. Your account will not be cancelled yet. The Customer Success team will then reach out to you via your chosen method, to help you through that process.

In some circumstances, you may see a different screen that prompts you to select a Reason for cancellation:

  1. Select a reason from the drop down and and let us know of any relevant feedback - we're always looking for ways to improve! 

  2. Please let us know of any additional/relevant information, if desired: 

  3. Click the Please cancel my account button and then Cancel account now to complete the process: 

  4. We'll send you a quick follow up email to confirm the cancellation and to wish you all the best. 

Still need help? Get in touch with the Support Team Get in touch with the Support Team