How to change your services

When you run a business, occasionally it becomes necessary to make changes to your services, whether this be around the name, pricing, duration or any padding/processing time. 

You can update your services at any time, which will apply to any new bookings. Any existing bookings will use the settings that were in place at the time.

Update a service

  1. Head to Setup > Services
  2. Click the Edit button next to the service you need to change:
  3. You can then update any relevant fields to reflect the new details.
  4. Update the Price and where this is shown:
  5. Adjust the Duration if required.
  6. Decide if you would like to Add/Remove padding or processing time
  7. Update whether or not you'd like customers to be able to book this online: 

  8. Change the colour of the service: 

  9. Assign different staff or a different resource to the service: 

  10. After you have done this, all you need to do is click Save to apply those changes. 
  11. All new bookings will be created using those updated details.

Important information

When you make a change to a service or class setting in Timely, these changes won't be reflected on any appointments that are already booked in to the calendar. This is to protect the integrity of the original appointment and prevent any nasty or awkward surprises.

You will need to update the existing appointments if you wish for them to have the new price:

  1. Edit the appointment.
  2. Select another service from the Service drop down.
  3. Then re-select the original service again, this will populate the booking with the updated details.
  4. Once you hit Save all those changes will be, wahoo!

If you have a large number of bookings to update, get in touch with the team at to see if we can help.

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