Sell a product to a client (iOS)

Note: To make sure you get the very best app experience, you'll need to have the latest version of IOS installed on your phone or iPad. 

If you'd like to sell a Product to a customer that isn't associated with a booking, then you can do this directly from the sales screen.

Note: If you have cash management enabled, you will need to the Open register before you can raise a sale. Check out our Open and close the register iOS guide for more information.

  1. Go to the Sales section from the menu: 

  2. Tap the "+" in the top right corner to create a new sale: 

  3. Use the Select customer link to Search for an existing customer, or add a New customer: 
  4. Tap on the customer in the search results to select their record:
  5. Or, tap Save to create the new customer and add them to the sale.
  6. Select Product in the panel on the left-hand side: 
  7. Search for the product using the name or SKU/Handle: 

  8. Tap on the product in the list to add it to the sale: 

  9. To add more than one of that product, tap on the product in the right-hand panel.
  10. Use the + button next to the Quantity to add multiple of that product to the sale: 
  11. Repeat for any additional products.
  12. Tap Pay (in the bottom right corner) when you're ready to take payment.

Removing a product from a sale

To remove a product from the sale, swipe left on the product and click Remove:

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