Getting started with automated customer messages

At Timely, you have a number of powerful messaging options at your finger tips. These automated messaging options allow you to:

  • Keep clients in the loop with booking changes.
  • Remind clients to attend bookings.
  • Reduce no shows.
  • Increase referrals.
  • Encourage client loyalty and retention.

You'll be able to set up all of your automated customer messages (including reminders and notifications) in one place, under the Customer messages section. 

Create a new customer message

  1. Head to Setup > Customer messages from the main menu:
  2. On this page, you will see a list of your existing automated customer messages. Email messages can be identified by the envelope icon and SMS via the chat bubble:

  3. To set up a new automated message, click the Add a new message button in the top right corner:

There are five different types of messages you can create:

Customer reminders

Most businesses will want to send an SMS or email reminder to customers before their appointment or class starts. This greatly helps to reduce the number of no-shows and can actually earn you money because you’re not losing revenue from absentee customers.

You can set reminders to go out at "X" amount of time before the appointment (e.g. 24 hours or 1 week). 

Or, at a certain time of the day (e.g. At 10 am, 2 days before their booking).

You can set up one email reminder and one SMS reminder, which can have their own unique settings.

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Appointment and class notifications

If you'd like customers to receive notifications regarding their appointments or classes, you can enable Customer notifications.

This will send an SMS and/or email to the customer whenever any of the following happens:

  • Confirmed appointment is added to the calendar
  • They are added to a scheduled class
  • The Date and/or Start time of an appointment is changed
  • The appointment is cancelled
  • They have been removed from the class, or the class has been cancelled

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If the customer books online and your appointments are set to pencilled-in, the customer will receive a confirmation email when the booking is accepted, regardless of your notification settings.

Did not show notifications

Nobody likes getting left in the lurch, especially when it means having to chase up the customer to find out what went wrong.

With automated notifications, you can send an SMS or Email to let the customers know that they have missed their appointment or class. 

This email will include a button for customer's to use to  Book new appointment at another time that suits.

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Follow-up messages

Follow-up messages, are a great way to contact the customer after their visit. 

Whether it's to say thank you, to provide additional after-care or instructions, or even prompt them to leave a review of their experience on a site of your choosing.

There are lots of options for customising follow-up messages!

  • You can restrict a follow-up message to a specific service (or services).
  • Determine how long after the booking the message is sent.
  • Decide if you only want the message to be sent to a customer once, or only to new customers.
  • Set the message to send based on a specific booking status.
  • Create a button that links to a website, or document hosted online.

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Rebooking reminders

Rebooking reminder messages, will have your absent customers knocking on your door!

Set up automated messages to send to customers who haven't been seen in a while and don't have anything booked ahead in the calendar. 

You can even restrict these messages to customers who have had a specific service - perfect for seasonal services, or where there is a longer gap required between visits.

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