How to set up notifications for no shows

No shows suck! They're a killer for appointment-based businesses. When a customer fails to turn up for an appointment you are faced with lost revenue and wasted time. With Timely, you can enable an automated notification to be sent to the customer when their booking is marked as a no show. 

You can choose to enable an SMS and/or email reminder, which lets the customer know that they missed their appointment and prompts them to rebook, or anything else you want to say!


Enable did not show notifications

To turn on customer notifications:
  1. Go to Setup > Customer messages in the main menu: 

  2. Click Add new message in the top right corner: 

  3. Select the Did not show option from the list of messages: 


Select which message type to send

Select which notification type you'd like to send out of SMS or Email:

You will be able to set up both email and SMS notifications for no shows, but they will need to be setup separately.


Set up your SMS notification templates

If you're setting up an SMS notification, you will also be able to set the template for your SMS notifications:
 Our How to customise the SMS templates guide steps you through that entire process.

Customising email reminders

At the moment, it isn't possible to customise the content of your did not show emails. Check out our  How to customise your email messages guide for more information.

You can see an example of a did not show email below, which will be automatically populated with the customer and booking information: 

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