How to send automated rebooking reminders

The easiest customers to win over are the ones you've already seen before! 

With Timely's automated Rebooking reminder messages you can make sure customers keep coming back for more, instead of falling through the cracks.

You can set up Rebooking reminders to send at a specific interval, based on their last booking date e.g. 3 months after their last appointment. This can be linked to a specific service, or apply to any of their past bookings.

How it works: 

  1. Each day we'll check back in the calendar at your rebooking interval (e.g. 3 months ago) to see who visited. 
  2. We'll check to see if any of those customers have any future bookings in the calendar (with specific services, if desired).
  3. We'll then send a reminder to those who haven't rebooked, reminding them to come in for a visit.
  4. Only customers who don't have a future booking will be contacted.


Create a rebooking reminder message

Before you start, you will need to make sure that you have Two-way Messaging enabled. This allows customers to reply to SMS messages and is a requirement for setting up an SMS rebooking reminders. Our How to turn on SMS replies and confirmations (two-way SMS) guide steps you through that process.

To create a new rebooking reminder message, head to  Setup > Customer messages in the main menu:

Click the  Add new message button in the top right corner:

At the top of the page, you will see a list of customer messages. Choose Rebooking reminder from the options:  


Select the type of message you'd like to send

You can choose to send a rebooking reminder via  SMS and/or Email.

Select which type of message you'd like to send under the Send this as an email or SMS heading:


Set the rules for this specific message

You can then choose when, and under what circumstances, you'd like the rebooking reminder to be sent.

A message will be sent based on the customer's appointment history, as well as their future bookings in the calendar. This can be applied to any bookings, or restricted to bookings for a specific service e.g. if a customer comes in for a particular service regularly.

  1. Choose how long after the customer's booking you'd like the message to be sent: 
  2. Decide what services the rebooking reminder will be sent for. You can send for all bookings by choosing the Any service option, or for Selected services only.
  3. When you choose Selected services a window will pop up which allows you to select which services you'd like this message to be sent for: 

  4. Click Save once you've selected all appropriate services. 
  5. Decide if the message will only be sent to the customer if they don't have any future bookings (Any service), or if they haven't rebooked a Selected service


Customise your message

You have full control over what information is included in both SMS and email messages: 


When you set up an email message, you can include a link to an external website or document that is hosted online. This will be displayed as a button, which customers can click to take them directly to your chosen site. 

  1. Enter a Subject and your own Custom text message, or adjust the one we've suggested to suit your business.
  2. We'll automatically select the Add a button linking to a site of your choosing and enter a URL (your Timely mini website address) and Label for the button ("Book now"), but you can customise these as desired.
  3. View a Preview of your message: 


You can determine what information is included in the SMS message using the placeholder tags on the left-hand side.

Make sure you include your business name, so customers know who they are receiving a message from. You are restricted to 160 characters, so you may need to get a little creative!

Our  How to customise the SMS templates has some more information about how you can set up, or amend your SMS templates.

If you'd like to include a link in this message, then you may like to use a URL shortener like  Bitly ( or Google ( 

We also like this handy tool that allows you to view the content of a shortened link, before clicking:


Name and save your message

  1. Give your rebooking reminder a name, so that you can easily identify it in your list of Customer messages
  2. Click Save to create your new message.

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