How to customise your email messages

In Timely, you have a range of automated messages that you can send to customers:

  1. Booking reminders.
  2. Booking confirmations and notifications.
  3. Notifications for customers who do not show up.
  4. Follow-up messages.
  5. Rebooking reminders.

For both Follow-up messages and Rebooking reminders you are able to fully customise the content of your emails. Click the links above for more detailed instructions.

For all other automated customer emails, the template will be automatically set and can't be changed.

However, there are a couple of ways in which you can customise your customer emails:

  • You can add a block of text to all of your reminder messages by heading to Setup > Email settings > Additional text
  • If you have information you'd like to include for each staff member, then you can add this to their profile under Setup > Staff > (Edit) > Personal info > Message for confirmation and reminder emails
  • You can add additional information about your cancellation terms under Setup > Online bookings > Cancellations and changes > Additional cancellation terms

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