How to view email replies

When a customer is sent an email from Timely, the account holder's email address will be set as the " Reply to" email address. 

When a customer replies to an email reminder or notification, this reply will be sent directly to that address. 

This means that any email replies won't be seen in the Messages tab.

Update the reply to address

You can add an alternative email address to the online booking notification settings, which will update the " Reply to" address for those emails:

  1. Head to Setup > Staff notifications in the main menu:
  2. In the Online bookings section, check the Send an email notification to box:
  3. Enter the email address in the field provided: 
  4. Click Save to update and apply.

When the customer replies to their reminder or notification emails, their email will be sent to this address instead. Adding a reception, or administrator's address in here is the most popular approach.

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