View unpaid invoices and apply payments

Note: To make sure you get the very best app experience, you'll need to have the latest version of IOS installed on your phone/ iPad. 

If you've already raised an invoice or sale for the customer and they want to make a payment against it, you can do this from the iOS app.

At the moment, this can only be done from the appointment but you'll soon be able to view any Unpaid invoices from the customer's record too.


View an unpaid invoice

  1. Tap on the appointment in the calendar.
  2. If an invoice has been raised, you will see the Invoice # listed and an Unpaid status: 
  3. Tap on the invoice number to view the Sale summary, this will show you the Total as well as the Unpaid amount:    


Apply a payment to the invoice

  1. From the Sales summary screen, tap Open sale to open the sales tab:
  2. This will load the invoice items in the panel on the right:
  3. Tap Pay at the bottom to apply a payment to the invoice.
  4. Tap to change the payment amount (if required):

  5. Tap on the Payment type in the list below: 

  6. Tap Save to complete the payment: 
  7. You'll be shown a summary of the sale and any payments. 
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