Connect a receipt printer to the iOS app

Note: To make sure you get the very best app experience, you'll need to have the latest version of IOS installed on your phone. 

Receipt printers can be connected to the iOS app so receipts can be seamlessly printed once your sale is complete. If the printer works with a cashdrawer then the cashdrawer can also be opened automatically.

Supported printer models

The models of printer that currently work with iOS POS are:

Note that we can't provide help on setting up the hardware but we can help connect the printer to Timely once your receipt printer is connected to your network.

  1. Go to the Settings section of the iPad or iPhone menu: 

  2. Tap Printers under the Hardware section. Timely POS will search your network for a supported receipt printer (see a list of supported printers above).

  3. Once your receipt printer is listed, simply tap it to bring up the following configuration settings: 

    • First step is to specify a memorable name for the printer (useful if your business has multiple printers).
    • To print a receipt automatically then enable Auto print setting.
    • If your receipt printer has a cash drawer connected to it then enable Has cash drawer setting.
    • To open your cash drawer automatically as soon as a cash payment is made then enable Open on cash payment setting.
    • To open your cash drawer automatically as soon as the sale is completed then enable the Open on sale complete setting.
    • To open your cash drawer when opening the register, performing a cash up or recording petty cash, enable the Open on cash up options setting.
  4. Once your receipt printer is all set up, your current printer will be shown in the main Settings page with the name you provided:
  5. If your receipt printer can't be found, check that it's correctly connected to your network then tap the Search again link (turning your printer off and on can sometimes fix network issues too). 

    If your iPad or iPhone still can't find your receipt printer then we recommend contacting support for your brand of receipt printer and they can help you set your printer up correctly.

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