Getting started with sales (iOS)

Welcome to Point of Sale (POS) experience on the Timely iOS app.

We've created a whole new sales experience, which allows you to raise invoices and apply payments from your iPhone or iPad.

From the iOS app, you can:

  1. Raise a sale for an appointment.
  2. Add services, appointments and products to a sale.
  3. Sell products to a customer.
  4. Apply and remove discounts.
  5. Save drafts, view sales and delete draft sales.
  6. Apply payments to sales.
  7. View unpaid invoices and apply payments.
  8. Email or print a customer receipt.
  9. Connect a thermal receipt printer.
  10. Connect an Eftpos terminal: Smartpay (NZ)Tyro (AU)
  11. Record petty cash expenses.
  12. Perform an end of day cash up.
  13. Take and upload client photos.

Click on the links above to find out more, or watch the video below:

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