Getting started with Sales in Timely

In this guide, we'll familiarise you with all the features you'll now have access to and cover the basics of getting up and running with sales in Timely.

Using the Timely iOS app? Check out our Getting started with sales on the Timely iOS app guide for more information.


Set up your invoices and taxes

Before you start raising sales and applying payments, you'll want to make sure that your invoices are set up correctly.
  1. Add a logo and contact details.
  2. Add your business registration number and type (e.g. GST, VAT, ABN.)
  3. Set your payment terms and instructions.
  4. Set your invoice printing format for each location.
  5. Create and apply taxes (*If you aren't registered to pay tax, you will need to apply a 0% tax rate to apply to your services).
  6. Create custom payment types to suit your business.
  7. To track petty cash expenses and perform daily cash ups, you can enable our Cash management feature: Getting started with cash management.

Check out our  How to set up your invoices guide for more information on setting up your invoices. 


Add products and sell them to customers

If you have retail products that you'd like to sell to customers, then you can add these to your Timely account.

You can add a Cost Price and Price to services and accurately track sales and performance for individual products. We'll keep an inventory of what stock you have on hand, which will automatically be updated whenever a product is sold or returned.

You can even view the customer's last product purchase when you raise a sale:

Check out the guides below for more information:

  1. How to add products to Timely.
  2. How to sell products with Timely.
  3. How to set or edit stock levels and alerts.

Have a number of products that you'd like to add at once? Get in touch with us on for more information.


Create discounts and apply them to invoices

Perhaps you offer a student or beneficiary discount, have a special offer available, or want to reward your loyalty customers with discounts.

In Timely you can add both Percentage based, or Fixed value based discounts.

We'll automatically add a general discount to your account, which gives you the option to apply either a percentage or fixed value discount, but you can create your own custom discounts to suit your business.

Check out our  How to use discounts guide for more information.


Raise a sale or invoice

Now that you've got all the components sorted, you'll be ready to actually raise some invoices.

You can raise an invoice from a couple of different places in Timely. You'll also be able to add products (se above), additional services and other appointments to a sale.

Check out the guides below for more information on how to:

  1. Raise an invoice.
  2. Add additional services to an invoice.
  3. Add other appointments to an invoice.
  4. Combine invoices for multiple customers on the one invoice.
  5. View or edit an invoice.


Apply full or split payments

Once the invoice has been raised, you'll be able to apply payments to the invoice.

You can apply a payment for the full amount, or split the payment between multiple payment types e.g. $30 cash and $15.65 on credit card.

If you have a payment gateway connected then you will also be able to request online payment for an invoices (see #6 below for more information on setting up online payments).

Check out the guides below for more information on how to:

  1. Apply payments to an invoice.
  2. Request online payment for an invoice.


Set up online payments for bookings and invoices

Only on the Elevate and Innovate plans.

If you'd like customers to pay for their appointments while booking online, or if you'd like customers to pay for their outstanding invoices online, then you can connect a payment gateway to Timely.

You can choose to request full payment, a percentage based deposit, or a fixed deposit for all services.

At the moment, we support the following payment gateway providers:

Check out the guides below for more information on how to:

  1. Set up your online payment gateway.
  2. Set up online payments for appointments.
  3. If you're working with PayPal, you will also need to check out our How to setup your PayPal account with Timely guide.


Check out photos, gift vouchers, customers credit and packages

Only on the Elevate and Innovate plans.

  • Photos: Capture before and after photos, track progress and ensure a consistent service delivery by adding photos to customer records. If you're using the Timely app on your iPhone or iPad, then you can take photos directly from the Timely app. Or, upload, view and edit photos from the web.
  • Packages: Packages work similarly to a concession card, which allows customers to purchase services or classes in bulk and redeem their visits against that package in the future.
  • Customer credit: Customer credit allows you to take payment from a customer, which can then be applied to future invoices.
  • Gift vouchers: Gift Vouchers can be sold in store, or online, which allow customers to redeem the value of the voucher while booking online, or paying in store.

Check out the guides below for more information:

  1. How to upload, view and delete photos (Web)
  2. Take or upload photos on the iOS app (iOS)
  3. What are Packages in Timely.
  4. Getting started with Customer Credit.
  5. Getting started with Gift Vouchers.


Familiarise yourself with your new reports

Now that you're raising invoice and applying payments, you'll also have access to a whole host of sales and financial reporting.

This allows you to track sales performance across your business, as well as dive deeper into product and services sales, or for individual staff members too.

You'll be able to view detailed reports around packages, gift vouchers and customer credit, as well as view stock reports for any products that you have on hand.

Our  Financial Reports | Sales and payment reporting guide has some more information on what's included in each report and how to use them.

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