Raise a sale for multiple customers (iOS)

Note: To make sure you get the very best app experience, you'll need to have the latest version of IOS installed on your phone or iPad. 

Sometimes a customer will want to pay for multiple appointments at once when they come to check out. A father could be paying for his daughter's hair cut, or a bride could be paying for a bridal party.

Instead of raising individual invoices and applying separate payments for each, you can combine them all into the one invoice. That way, they can pay for all those appointments in one go.

Let's get started!

  1. If raising a sale from scratch, tap the “+” button to raise a new sale: 

  2. Use the Select a customer option to add the first customer to the sale: 
  3. Tap on the Appointments tab and tap to add any bookings to the sale:
  4. If you’ve already tapped raise sale from the appointment, the customer and appointment will already be selected.
  5. Once the bookings are added, tap the “X” symbol next to the customer's name:
  6. This will remove the customer from the sale, but leave their appointment(s) there: 
  7. Next you will need to search for the second customer using the Select a customer option: 
  8. Once you have added the customer, you can select their appointments from the Appointment tab on the left: 
  9. All of the bookings will then be shown on the sale on the right-hand side: 
  10. You will be able to proceed with the sale as normal, or tap Pay to apply a payment for the total value: 
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