How to mark a booking as completed

Booking statuses are a great way of keeping track of where a customer is in the appointment process. In Timely, we have a number of statuses available.

One important status is the Completed status. When a booking is marked as Completed in Timely, we will treat this as if the client has visited and received their treatment/service and has now finished their appointment.

Bookings marked as completed are shown with a white background on the calendar:

The booking status is recorded separately than the sale, so it's possible for a booking to be marked as Completed, without a sale being raised. If you raise a sale after the appointment time has started, then we will automatically check a box on the sale which also marks the booking as completed.


Mark a booking as completed

You can mark a booking as completed, without raising a sale. This is perfect if you have raised a sale and processed a payment already, want to redeem a package against the visit, or you are on our  Schedule plan and aren't raising sales.

From the calendar

  1. Click on the appointment in the Calendar.
  2. In the pop-up window, click the Completed button: 

  3. The booking status will be automatically updated and the booking will show in the completed state: 

When editing a booking

If you're making other changes to the booking before completing, then you can also update the booking status from the edit appointment window: 

  1. Click on the appointment in the calendar and click Edit in the pop-up window: 

  2. Update the Booking status to Completed

  3. Click Save to apply and update. The appointment will then change to completed on the calendar    


Complete a booking with a sale 

If you raise an invoice after the appointment time has started or ended, then we'll automatically check the option to Mark appointment as completed:

  1. Click on the appointment in the calendar and select Raise sale from the pop up: 

  2. Add any other services or products to the invoice.
  3. At the bottom of the invoice, the Mark appointment as completed box will be checked: 

  4. Click Save to raise the invoice and update the appointment status.
  5. Apply the payment as required, you'll then be prompted to book the client's next appointment: 

  6. When you go back to the calendar, you will see both the paid sale and the tick icon on the booking: 

Did you know?

There are some other important things that marking an appointment as  Completed does:

  • Once the client has a Completed booking, we will treat them as a returning client (not a new one). Find out more.
  • To redeem an appointment against a package, the booking must be marked as Completed. Find out more.
  • The booking is updated from the Confirmed status to the Completed status in any reports. This allows you to easily identify which bookings a staff member actually performed and finished.
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