How to mark a booking as completed

Booking statuses are a great way of keeping track of where a customer is in the appointment process.

One important status is the Completed status. 

When a booking is marked as Completed, a tick will be shown on the appointment in the calendar:

There are some other important things that marking an appointment as Completed does:

  • Once the customer has a Completed booking, they will no longer be identified as a new customer. Find out more.
  • To redeem a package against an appointment, the booking must be marked as Completed. Find out more.
  • Updating the status moves that booking from the Confirmed status to the Completed status in any reports, so you can easily identify which bookings a staff member actually performed.


Manually mark an appointment as completed

If you've raised an invoice already, would like to redeem a package against the visit - or are using the Schedule plan - then you can manually mark the appointment as Completed:

  1. Click on the appointment in the Calendar: 

  2. In the pop-up window, click the Completed button: 

  3. The booking status will be automatically updated and the tick will appear on the booking: 

If you're making other changes to the booking before completing, then you can also edit the booking and update the status there too:

  1. Click on the appointment in the calendar.
  2. Click Edit in the pop-up window: 
  3. Next to the Booking status, update this to Completed:
  4. Click Save to apply and update.


Automatically mark an appointment as completed when raising an invoice

If you raise an invoice after the appointment time has started or ended, then we'll automatically check the option to Mark appointment as completed:

  1. Click Raise sale on the appointment: 
  2. Add any other services or products to the invoice.
  3. At the bottom of the invoice, the Mark appointment as completed box will be checked:
  4. Click Save to raise the invoice and update the appointment status.
  5. Once the payment has been applied you will see both the paid invoice and the tick icon on the booking:

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