Using the Business overview on your Timely Dashboard

The Business overview gives you detailed information about how your business is performing. This includes appointment, product and sales summaries; staff productivity; customer breakdown; and customer rebooking and retention rates.

There are three main areas in the Business overview:

  1. Sales performance.
  2. Customer metrics.
  3. Business productivity.

Note: The figures in the dashboard are GST inclusive. You can view individual reports without GST by de-selecting this filter option. 

To view the Business overview, toggle the left option in the top left corner of your screen:

You can view these graphs for a few different date ranges, as well as by Staff member and Location. All of which can be selected from the drop downs in the top right corner. 

The date options available are:

  • Day view - view your performance for today or use the arrows to move back and forth to see previous or future days.
  • Week view - view your performance this week or use the arrows to move back and forth to see previous or future weeks.
  • Month view - view your performance this month or use the arrows to move back and forth to see previous or future months.
  • Year view - view your performance this year or use the arrows to move back and forth to see previous or future months.
  • Rolling 7 days - view your performance across the last 7 days
  • Rolling 14 days - view your performance across the last 14 days
  • Rolling 30 days - view your performance across the last 30 days
  • Rolling 365 days - view your performance across the last 365 days


Sales performance

At the very top of the page, you will see a breakdown of where your income is coming from.

Tip: This section is based on information in the Sales report, so you can use this to dig a little deeper into your numbers!

This will show a total for services (booked and walk-in services), products and packages. If any discounts have been applied in that period, these will be shown and a final Total sales will be shown.

Accompanying each figure will be another value, which compares your performance against the last period. If this is green then this has improved, if this is red then this has declined:

Note: The Total Sales figure does not include gift voucher sales or package redemptions. Find out more about gift voucher liabilities here

You'll then also be shown a graph over your sales across each day/week (depending on the date range selected). You'll be shown the past actual sales and any future projected sales covered by the selected period:

Tip: This graph takes its information from the Service sales and Product sales reports respectively. Due to the way discounts are applied, sales shown here won't take into account any discounts applied.


Customer metrics

This section includes the total number of appointments there were for the specified time period, the total number of clients and new clients.
The Retained and Rebooked figures come from the  Executive Summary report. Check out this help guide for more info on these percentages. 
  • Retained: This figure shows the percentage of appointments where the customer has had a previous appointment.
  • Rebooked: This figure shows the percentage of appointments where the customer has a future appointment.

Note: The Retention and Rebooking percentages are based on individual bookings and not unique customers. This means that if a new customer has 4 visits in a specific date range, we will record all 4 of those bookings as being 'not retained’. If an existing or returning customer has 4 appointments in a specific period, then we will record all four of those as being ‘retained’.  Where multiple staff members see the same client during an appointment the rebooking counts toward both staff members. If clients visit multiple locations your reports should be viewed by location to ensure the correct figures are shown.

Tip: Day/Week/Month/Year view stats include all the appointments during the period even if they are in the future, whereas the Rolling views only include the appointments during the last 7/14/30/365 days.

Tip: These figures are based on the Executive Summary report and show performance for all staff. To view more information about individual staff performance, you can use this report or the Staff overview.


Business productivity

The productivity graphs show you a direct relationship between how many available hours you have and how many of those are booked.

You'll be shown your total available time (white outline) and a breakdown of how this has been booked. Percentages will be shown for each type of booking, with a total booking percentage underneath:

Tip: To take a closer look at your Productivity and booking percentages, for particular staff members or dates, then you can view the Staff Timesheet report.

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