Using the Staff overview on your Timely Dashboard

If you'd like to measure performance by staff member, or encourage a bit of friendly competition, you can use the Staff overview.

This will show a breakdown of each individual staff member's performance such as service sales, product sales, average made per rostered hour, and rebooking rates.

Note:  Where multiple staff members see the same client during an appointment the rebooking counts toward both staff members.

You'll also see some other useful information, like how many hours they have been rostered and how their performance compares to the previous period.

- This is based on information in the Executive Summary report, so you can use this report to find this information for different dates/locations.
- The Average Hour value for the specified period is calculated by adding up the invoiced services and products, and is then divided by the number of rostered hours. The total number of Rostered Hours comes from the Staff Roster report.

If you click the View personal dashboard link underneath each staff member's name, this will take you to the Business overview with that staff member selected:

Note: Walk-in services will be included in the Service sales total, but won't be included in the Average per appointment figure.

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