How to view and download reports in Timely

In Timely, you have a whole host of reporting options available to you.

In this guide, we'll show you how to:

  1. Run a report in Timely.
  2. Print or export a report.
  3. Sort your report results.
  4. Refresh report results..
  5. Update your report settings..


Run a report in Timely

  1. Click the Reports tab in the main menu:
  2. Choose your report from the drop-down list (Check out our Getting started with Timely reports guide for more information on what reports are available): 

  3. Adjust any available parameters to personalise your report such as a date range (use a preset or specify a date range), staff and location selectors:
    Other reports may have different filtering options.

  4. Click View report to see the results.


Print or export a report

Click the Print button to print a copy of this report. To export or download the report, click the Excel, Word, PDF or CSV buttons:

We recommend the CSV format for any reports you'd like to use in a spreadsheet software.


Sort your results

Re-sort the information on the report by clicking a black double-arrow next to the column header you wish to sort by: 


Refresh a report

To refresh the report results, click the refresh icon: 


Update your report settings

You can choose which appointment statuses are included in your reports by default.

To change those settings:

  1. Click the Settings cog: 
  2. Then choose which statuses are used by all of these reports by checking/unchecking the boxes:
  3. Click Save to apply your changes.

    Note: Changes to the report settings (as above) will take 24 hours to be reflected in reports.

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