Connect the mPOP printer and cash drawer to your Timely account

Note: To make sure you get the very best app experience, you'll need to have the latest version of IOS installed on your iPhone or iPad. 

In this guide, we'll show you how to setup the Star mPOP (combined Bluetooth Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer) with the Timely iPhone or iPad app.

  1. Pair the mPop with your iPad.
  2. Install the mPOP Utility app and update the mPOP settings.
  3. Connect the printer in Timely.
  4. Configure the printer settings.

Barcode scanning is not supported on the iOS app, so the mPOP barcode scanner can't be used alongside the printer/cash drawer


Pair the mPop with your iPhone/iPad

Before you can connect the mPOP to your iPhone/iPad, you'll need to turn it on.
You can find the power button on the left-hand side on the front of the machine.
To connect the mPOP to your iPhone/iPad using bluetooth: 
  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone/iPad.
  2. Tap the Bluetooth option in the menu:
  3. Ensure Bluetooth is turned on. This should be green.If the slider is greyed out, tap again to ensure Bluetooth is enabled:
  4. In the Bluetooth Devices section, tap on the Star mPOP
  5. The mPOP and iPad will then be connected:


Install the mPOP Utility app and update your settings

To save you time and ensure your mPOP and iPad stay connected, you will need to install the mPOP Utility app and update a few settings:
  1. Head to the App store and download the "mPOP Utility" app (from STAR MICRONICS CO.,LTD):
  2. Open the app on your iPad.
  3. Tap Bluetooth settings from the list:
  4. Toggle Auto Connection to on: 
  5. You'll be prompted to turn New Pairing Permission off. Tap Yes to confirm:
  6. You will need to turn the iPad off and on again after applying the setting. Tap OK to continue: 
  7. Tap Apply to apply the changes: 
  8. Turn off the iPad by holding down the button on the top (towards the right) and Slide to power off
  9. You'll need to then turn the iPad back on to complete the setup process - hold down the same button until you see the apple logo.


Connect the printer in Timely

  1. Tap on the Settings cog in the Timely menu (bottom right):
  2. Tap Printers under the Hardware section: 

  3. Timely POS will search your network for the mPOP. Tap on the mPOP in the search results to select it: 


Update your mPOP settings

You'll then be required to configure the printer:

  1. If you'd like, you can set another Name for the mPOP printer. 
  2. Choose if you would like receipts to Auto print - if this is blue, then it is enabled.
  3. To open the cash drawer when a cash payment is applied, enable Open on cash payment.
  4. To open the cash drawer after every sale is completed, enable Open on sale complete.
  5. To open your cash drawer when opening the register, performing a cash up or recording petty cash, enable the Open on cash up options setting.
  6. Click Save to complete the process.
  7. The mPOP will then be shown as connected on the Settings page: 
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