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Sending automated SMS's is a great way to keep in contact with your busy clients. With Timely you're able to send all sorts of SMS to your clients which include: reminder SMS, follow up SMS, review SMS, targeted marketing campaign SMS, thank you SMS, birthday SMS and many more. 

To find out more about how to set up these messages for your business, click here and reach out to our friendly support team if you need any help. 

Sometimes, you will see Pending status next to a message in the Messages tab. An SMS will show up as Pending if it has been queued and is waiting to send:

 By default, there will be a 10 minute delay for all SMS and email messages generated in your account. There are a couple of scenarios in which this happen for an extended period of time, so there are a few things you can check:

  1. SMS delay settings.
  2. SMS sending window.

SMS delay settings

By default all of your SMS and email messages will be sent after a 10 minute delay. This is to prevent a customer (or staff member) from receiving multiple messages if a series of changes are made to an appointment one after the other.

If you would like to send messages without a delay, you can update your settings.

Update my SMS delay settings

Need help? Check out our How to adjust your SMS and email settings guide.


SMS sending window

The default setting for restricting the sending of SMS messages to customers, is set to between  8:00AM and 9:00PM (SMS time restrictions). This is to prevent customer's receiving unwanted or disruptive messages in the middle of the night.

No SMS messages will be sent outside of this time period. For example: If an SMS is created at 9:30PM, this won't be sent until 8:00AM the following day. 

Update my SMS sending window

Need help? Check out our How to adjust your SMS and email settings guide.

If your SMS messages have been pending for longer than the delay period and none of the above options seem to be the case, then get in touch with us on, or by using the Help > Contact support option in your account.

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