Issue and redeem customer credit (iOS)

Note: To make sure you get the very best app experience, you'll need to have the latest version of IOS installed on your phone or iPad. 

With customer credit, you can allow customers to prepay for future services, products or packages by adding a balance to their account.

You can then redeem that balance against any invoice for that customer.

In this guide we'll cover how to:

  1. Issue credit to a customer.
  2. Redeem customer credit.


Issue credit to a customer

To issue credit to a customer, you will need to receive a payment from that customer.
  1. Head to the Sales tab in the Timely iOS app: 

  2. Tap on Credit in the left-hand panel: 

  3. Tap on the Credit amount to adjust the value and add a Reason for credit, if desired: 
  4. You can then tap on Never to set when the credit Expires:
  5. Tap Add to add the credit to the sale: 
  6. If you're adding this to a new sale, you'll be prompted to Create a new sale: 
  7. Tap Select customer and use the field provided to search for a customer: 
  8. You can tap on the credit to adjust any of the details: 
  9. Tap Pay to proceed to apply a payment:  
  10. Select a Payment type to apply a payment.
  11. Tap Save and Done to complete the process.

Note: If payment isn't applied when the credit is issued, then the credit won't be activated.


Redeem customer credit 

You can redeem credit against any invoice raised for that customer. 
  1. In the Sales tab, tap the "+" to raise a new sale:
  2. Add a customer to the sale by tapping the Select a customer option:
  3. If the customer has available credit, you will see that here: 
  4. Add any services, appointments or products to the sale and tap Pay when you're ready: 
  5. If the balance is greater than the credit amount, then credit will be greyed out. If this happens, tap on the payment amount and update this to match the credit amount: 
  6. Then tap on the Credit available to apply: 
  7. Apply a payment for the remaining balance (if any): 
  8. Tap Save and then Done

Note: You won't be able to redeem customer credit against a sale that includes a gift voucher or another credit.

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