How to perform a cash up

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At the end of the day, you will want to make sure that what you have recorded in Timely, matches what you have in store.

To do so, you can perform a "cash up" to close the register and make a note of any differences. 

This will include any cash or card payments processed in store, as well as any custom payment types. If you have an online payment gateway connected, this won't include any online payments or deposits.


Start the cash up process

If you finished late, or forget to close the register at the end of the day, you will be able to perform a cash up the day after. If you try to raise a sale you'll automatically be taken to the cash up process, where you'll be prompted to close the previous day's register.

  1. Click on the register in the top-right corner and select Close register
  2. This will start the cash up process for the currently selected register. At the top of the page you'll be shown when the register was opened. 
  3. You'll also be shown if there are any bookings that haven't been invoiced, or unpaid invoices raised for today: 


Calculate the cash amount

In the Cash amount section, you can add how much cash was collected.
  1. Click the Details option to view a detailed breakdown of cash, petty cash etc:
  2. Enter the total Cash amount in the Actual field: 

  3. Or, to manually enter the number of notes/coins you have on file, click the Calculate option:

    Only the following currencies are supported for the calculate feature: AUD, NZD, GBP, USD, CAD, EUR, SGD and ZAR. If you use a currency that isn't supported, the Calculate option won't show up here.

  4. This will pop up a window where you can enter the number of notes/coins accordingly (e.g. if you have 3 $5 notes, you would add 3 to this field, not $15):
  5. When you click Save it will automatically tally up the total amount of cash: 

  6. Next, you can record how much you're taking out of the cash drawer to bank. We'll automatically carry over the balance to the next day's float (in this example we are going to bank $100 this time).  

    You will need to confirm the cash float again, when the register is next opened. 


Complete the rest of the cash up process

  1. Enter Actual values for the rest of your payment types: 

  2. Add a Cash up note if required  e.g. if you have an explanation for a discrepancy, or have processed "cash out" transactions: 
  3. Click Complete cash up to finish the process.
  4. To start the process for another location, switch registers in the top right corner (Getting started with registers).
  5. You can then click on the register in the top right corner and click Close register again to start the process for another location.

If you have a Smartpay or Tyro terminal connected, you can print/view a settlement or reconciliation report:


Print or email a cash up report

Once the report has been created, you will have a few options:
  1. Click the Print button to save a copy of the report to your computer: 

  2. Click the Email button to send a copy of the cash-up report to someone: 

  3. On the pop up, you can enter the Email address and a Message if desired: 

You can also access a copy of the cash-up report directly from the Reports tab: 

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