How to add staff reference numbers

It's possible to add registration, provider or reference numbers to individual staff members, which are then displayed on invoices.

This is perfect if you are:

  • In a health/wellbeing industry and are required to include your registration/provider number on your invoice.
  • Are a self-employed contractor and need to include your own business registration details.
  • Work with insurance providers and are required to display a provider number on invoices.

This guide will step you through the process of adding and using provider numbers:

  1. Add a reference number to a staff member's profile.
  2. Select a reference number on the invoice.


Add a reference number

You can add a reference number (or multiple) to each staff member's profile individually:
  1. Head to Setup > Staff and click Edit next to the staff member.
  2. Scroll down to the Personal info section: 

  3. Enter the title for the reference in the Reference number type field e.g. NZARBT: 

  4. Enter the number in the Reference number field: 

  5. Repeat for any other numbers you'd like to add. Use the green [+] button to add more numbers: 

  6. Click Save to apply your changes.

Note: It's possible to add multiple numbers/number types for each staff member. However, only one number/type can be displayed on an invoice at a time. You can add two numbers by adding one in the Reference number type field and the other in the Reference number field.


Select a reference

Once you've added some reference numbers you can choose which number to add to the invoice.
  1. Raise/edit the invoice as you would normally.
  2. If the staff member has reference numbers added, you will see a field here: 

  3. Select the appropriate reference number from the drop down: 

  4. Click Save to raise the invoice.
  5. The raised invoice will have the provider number listed: 

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