How to issue a refund

Sometimes you will need to refund a customer's payment, particularly if they return a product or don't go ahead with a booking that you've taken a deposit for.

IMPORTANT: It's not possible to refund invoice items for Gift vouchers or Packages.

This guide will step you through the process of refunding the invoice in Timely:

  1. Refund a sale in Timely.
  2. Refund an online payment.
  3. View a refund.

This feature may not be available on your current plan. Find out how to upgrade in our How to change your Timely plan guide.


Refund a sale in Timely

You can choose which items on an invoice you would like to refund, so you can refund an entire invoice or just part of it. The invoice will need to be marked as fully PAID to be able to issue a refund.

Note: It is not possible to delete or edit a refund once it has been issued. We recommend taking extra care when issuing refunds to ensure these are processed and recorded accurately.

  1. Open the invoice you would like to issue a refund for (Find out more).
  2. In the bottom right corner, click the Issue refund button:

  3. This will pop up an Issue refund screen, which shows you all the items on the invoice: 

  4. To issue a full refund, you can leave all the items as they are and click Save to apply.
  5. To issue a partial refund, click the red trash icon next to the items you don't want to refund. If you want to refund a partial amount from your selected invoice item, you also need to edit the amount of that item to reflect how much you want to refund:

  6. Click Delete to confirm and remove those items from the refund: 

  7. Click Save to apply: 

    You will then be shown the total value of the refund. Click Choose payment refund type to decide how you would like the payment to be refunded: 

    If the transaction was paid using TimelyPay, make sure that you select 'TimelyPay' as the refund method to ensure you can keep track of all payments. If you want to refund an amount that is less than your selected TimelyPay payment, you can edit the amount of the payment to reflect how much you want to refund.

  8. Update the Refund processed by field and add a Reference as desired. 

  9. Click Refund payment to apply. You'll see a confirmation that this has been applied: 

  10. The refund will be shown in the Sale refunded section, above the Payments. A Refund issued tag will also be shown under the invoice balance: 

Note: If you have the Xero integration enabled then you will also need to apply a credit note to the associated invoice in Xero.

You can open the invoice in Xero, using the link in the top right corner of the invoice: 

Check out Xero's Add a credit note to a sales invoice guide for more information.


Refund an online payment

If you have TimelyPay as your payment gateway and chose TimelyPay as your refund payment type, your refund will automatically be applied to the payment. Check out this help article for more information on TimelyPay refunds.

If you have a payment gateway connected to Timely then you will also need to refund the payment with the payment provider. 

Check out the guides below for more information:

View a refund

There are a couple of different places where you will be able to see a refund:
  1. Refunds will be included in the sales calculation on the Business overview:
  2. Alongside sales in the Sales > View sales section. You can then click on the invoice number in the left-hand column to view details of the refund: 

  3. In the Customers record, in the Sales section: 

  4. For refunds including bookings, these will also be shown in the appointment history: 

  5. If you are refunding a product purchase, processing the refund will also update the stock levels.

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