Do I pay GST or VAT on my Timely invoices?

As Timely is based in New Zealand, any businesses that are located outside of New Zealand won't have GST, VAT or any other Sales tax(es) applied to their Timely invoices.

However, the following customers/businesses  will be required to pay GST:

  1. Businesses that are based or registered in New Zealand.
  2. Businesses that are based or registered in Australia.


Paying GST in New Zealand

As Timely is based in New Zealand, New Zealand customers will be charged GST on their Timely subscriptions and other related charges.

You will see your price, exclusive of GST in the  Plan cost section on your Billing page:

For more information, check out our   How to view your Timely invoices and payments guide.


Paying GST in Australia

If you are based in Australia, then you may also be required to pay GST (10%) on your Timely subscription invoices.

In July, 2017 there was a   change to GST legislation in Australia. This change requires that GST be collected on all international online services and products that are sold to Australian consumers.This includes subscription services like Timely.

However, if your business is GST registered, then you could be eligible for an exemption.

Check out our  Paying GST on your Timely invoices (Australia) guide for more information.

Note: It is the business owner's responsibility to be truthful about GST registration for the purposes of tax exemption. The ATO places full responsibility on you the business owner to communicate this truthfully. Timely is not accountable for any misinformation, or information given under false pretences.

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