Record petty cash on your iPhone or iPad

Throughout the day, you may need to remove cash from the till for business expenses - this is often referred to as " petty cash". You can record these petty cash expenses in Timely, to make cashing up at the end of the day even easier. 

You will need to have cash management enabled and your register open to record a petty cash transaction.

Check out our  Open or cash up the register on your iPhone or iPad guide for more information on enabling, opening and closing the register.

Note: Petty cash can only be recorded for today's date.

Note: To make sure you get the very best app experience, you'll need to have the latest version of IOS installed on your phone. 

  1. Head to the Sales tab in the iOS app.
  2. If the register is closed, tap Open register

  3. You'll then see some more options on the right-hand side.Tap Petty cash to start: 
  4. In the pop up, enter the Amount and whether you're taking Cash out or putting Cash in the till: 
  5. Enter a Description to explain:

Tap  Save to complete: Choose what you want to 'float' or 'bank'

While you’re in the app you can ‘Cash up’ as normal and then decide how much you want to leave in the float and how much you want to put in your bank.  

To use our ‘Banked’ feature, make sure you've got  ‘Cash up’ enabled and it will be available next time you close your register.

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