Issue a refund from your iPhone or iPad

Note: To make sure you get the very best app experience, you'll need to have the latest version of IOS installed on your phone. 

Sometimes you will need to refund a customer's invoice, particularly if they return a product or don't go ahead with a booking that you've taken a deposit for.

IMPORTANT: It's not possible to refund invoice items for Customer creditGift vouchers or Packages.

This guide will step you through the process of refunding the invoice in Timely:

  1. Refund a sale in Timely.
  2. Refund an online payment.


Refund a sale in Timely

  1. Open the Timely iOS app and head to the Customers section: 

  2. Search for the customer in the field provided and tap to open the customer's record: 

  3. Tap View all sales from their record to view a list of recent invoices/payments: 
  4. Tap on the sale in the list and tap Issue refund from the options: 
  5. You'll be taken to the Sales tab, where the invoice items will be added to the refund with a negative value:

  6. Remove any items from the refund that you don't want to refund. If you want to refund a partial amount from your selected invoice item, you also need to edit the amount of that item to reflect how much you want to refund:

  7. Tap Refund to process the refund: 

  8. Choose the method for the refund: 

  9. Tap Save to apply the payment:

  10. You'll then be shown a summary of the refund. If there are any products included in the refund, you'll see an indication that the product has been returned. Tap Done to finish:

  11. The refund will then show up in the Refunds section in the customer's record: 

Note: If you have the Xero integration enabled then you will also need to apply a credit note to the associated invoice in Xero.

You can open the invoice in Xero, using the link in the top right corner of the invoice: 

Check out Xero's Add a credit note to a sales invoice guide for more information.


Refund a Smartpay or Tyro payment

If you have a Smartpay or Tyro terminal connected to your Timely account, then you will be able to automatically send refunds from Timely to the connected terminal:
  1. When you get to the Give refund step, select Smartpay or Tyro from the options.
  2. This will send the refund amount to the connected terminal.
  3. If using Tyro, you will also need to swipe the merchant card and enter the pin you set up for refunds.
  4. You can then swipe/insert the customer's card on the terminal.
  5. Once the refund has been processed, you'll see the Refunded message in Timely. You can then tap Save and Done to complete.


Refund an online payment

If you have a payment gateway connected to Timely then you will also need to refund the payment with the payment provider. 

Check out the guides below for more information on how to process a refund via your payment provider:

If you have TimelyPay as your payment gateway and chose TimelyPay as your refund payment type, your refund will automatically be applied to the payment on Stripe. Check out this help article for more information on TimelyPay refunds.

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