How to check out a client

Adding and managing appointments in the calendar is a great way to keep track of your day to day business. To gain more insight into your staff and business performance, you can raise sales and apply payments in Timely. 

We'll cover how to:

  1. Raise a sale.
  2. Make changes to the sale.
  3. Add other items or information.
  4. Completing the sale.

This feature may not be available on your current plan. Find out how to upgrade in our How to change your Timely plan guide.


Raise A Sale

  1. Click on the appointment in the calendar.
  2. Click Checkout in the pop up: 

  3. Make any changes to the sale, as required, then click Save in the bottom right corner: 

  4. You'll be shown a message that the invoice has been created. You'll then be able to apply a payment:

  5. Select a payment type from the options and click Save to apply: 

  6. You'll see a summary of the sale and payment amount and will be able to View, Email or Print a copy of the sale to the customer. 
  7. You'll also be shown when their next appointment is booked. If there are no future bookings, you will have the option to Book next appointment from that screen: 

  8. Continue reading to find out more about making changes, adding items and completing sales!


Make any required changes to the sale

Once you click Raise sale, a window will appear on top of the calendar. Any services included in that appointment will automatically be added to the sale. If there are multiple services in the booking, there will be a line for each service on the invoice. 

You can make a number of changes to that invoice, if required:

  1. Change the Location (if you have multiple locations), Invoice date or Due date for the invoice.
  2. Change the customer being invoiced by clicking the (x) in the Invoice to field. Search for an existing customer, or add a new one to the sale.
  3. Click on the text to adjust the Item / Description field.
  4. Click on the staff member's name in the Staff column to change the staff member assigned.
  5. Click on the Unit price or the Total to adjust the price for each item (these will be automatically added based on the service settings).


Add other items or information to the sale

If you would like, you can then add other items to the sale (retail products and other services or appointments for that customer), as well as adding notes and/or references: 

  1. Click the [+Product] button to search for a product to add to the sale (Only products with Available stock will be shown here):
  2. Click on the [+Service] button to add additional services to the sale.
  3. Click on the [+Other Apps] button to add other bookings for that customer to the sale.
  4. Use the checkboxes provided to select appointments and click Add to sale when you're ready: 

  5. Click the [+Package] button to add a package to the sale (Only packages with a default limit will be shown here).
  6. Click the Add notes and/or reference link to add any important notes or unique references, if desired.


Complete the sale

You then have the option to apply discounts, redeem customer credit or vouchers, and update the booking status:

  1. Click the scissor icon to apply a discount (Find out more).
  2. Click the gift voucher icon to redeem a voucher (Find out more).
  3. Click on the note icon to redeem customer credit (Find out more).
  4. Check the Mark appointment as completed checkbox to update the appointment (this will already be checked if you raise the sale after the appointment):
  5. When you are ready, click Save to raise the sale.

Note: If you have cash management enabled and haven't opened the register yet, you will be prompted to open the register before saving the sale. Check out our How to set up the sales register guide for more information.

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